The Sea of Wishes


My name is Meg. I'm a fashion designer, illustrator, costumer, part-time cartoon character and full-time nerd. Sometimes I draw, other times I sew, but I'm always creating something. I have eclectic tastes and I'm a compulsive dabbler. The Sea of Wishes is the name I've given to my combined creative works; it also serves as the title of my online portfolio and personal website. Here you will find diverse samples of my work, as well as my resume and other relevant information. Enjoy your stay!

Site Map

You are here. Introduction and site map, plus recent tweets and Instagram photos.
Information about me, my skills, education, and employment experience.
My artwork, including fashion and other illustrations, finished garments, costumes, and miscellaneous work.
How to contact me. Includes my e-mail address and a list of the social networks I frequent.
My online store. Buy my cute handmade clothing and accessories here!
My Deviantart page. Featuring most of the same artwork on my website, plus others.